The great world of construction machinery


I built the 370 EC-B Fibre in scale 1:13 in cooperation with LIEBHERR for the Bauma 2019. It is the world’s largest tower crane made of Lego and it consists of 19.000 parts. It was my project for 8 months and it took 200 hours to build it. 

With a height of 2.75 meters, the crane is able to perform all the functions of the original. It can lift and lower the crane hook, do the trolley method and turn the top. The functions are controllable via tablet or smartphone.

The tower crane, as well as the original, can be dismantled and the single modules can be put into four transportation boxes.


Liebherr’s smallest mining excavator was built in 2015 and it consists of 16.000 parts. It is built in scale 1:13 without controllable functions. 


Liebherr’s bulldozer was built in 2014 in scale 1:13. It consists of 7.000 parts and has all the functions of the original. You can make it drive, move the shield, control the plow and the light. 

LIEBHERR A928 Litronic


This model of a Liebherr excavator was built in 2013 in scale 1:13 and consists of 4.500 parts. It has all the functions of the original. You can make it drive, steer, turn the cab, move the arm and open and close the bucket.