Inspired by life


My name is Tobias and I am the creative master mind of Töby Design. 


I am interested in everything that moves, I like to experiment and to express my creativity with those little building bricks from the Lego® company. 

To build things from reality with the Lego® building bricks I want to discover new ways and even cross the borders of what is possible. 

Authenticity and functionality

When I am building realistic models, my highest priorities are authenticity and the right scale, to make the object look as real as possible. 

Besides all those details, functionality plays a very important role. You can operate the model continuously during a fair/presentation or control it via smartphone or tablet. Depending on the scale of the model, it can perform all the functions of the original. 

Next to building models I am also very passionate about art and creativity because almost everything is possible. 

Everything from one hand

The overall service is very important to me, so you don’t need to worry about the safe transport of your model. Everything from the design to the packaging is made at Töby Design. Your model will be delivered in an especially made transportation box, for which you can choose the color and stickers. I rely on a forwarding agency that has helped me with deliveries all over Europe and to the USA.

Nothing is impossible, nothing is crazy enough – Let me know!

If you are interested in a model or a creative object for a presentation, just let me know. The fields listed on this website are only a small sneak peek on all the possibilities. Together we can work out amazing projects and find the right solution. Even if you just have an idea, I would be happy to discover and work on that idea together.